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How to control Overeating : Effective strategies

Eating in excessive amounts or taking up larger amounts of calories are some bad habits that are hard to break.
Over a period of time, eating too much can lead to obesity or some chronic conditions like Diabetes or some heart diseases.
To prevent this and get control over Overeating here are some effective methods you can

Avoid Distractions

Whether it’s having your lunch on your working table or eating a tub of popcorn while watching your favorite show, Distractions during eating often leads to Overeating or consumption of a greater amount of calories.
Avoid any sorts of distractions while eating like television, cell phones,newspapers ,magazines and focus on your meal.

Don’t stop yourself in eating your favorite foods

As it is said, ” Forbidden fruit tastes better.” Restricting yourself too much may often lead to eating too much.
Diet plans which contain whole processed food are always the most healthy choice. But giving yourself a treat occasionally is perfectly healthy.
Swearing yourself to never touch a slice of pizza or not taking a bite of ice cream for life are unrealistic goals.
It ultimately leads to giving up everything.

Avoid packed food items

Eating chips out of the bag or eating a tub of icecream often leads to consumption of more amounts of food than the actual serving size.
Instead taking portions out of a bag in a plate or bowl helps you take note of the quantity of food you eat.

Eating healthy fats

Often fats lead to Overeating, but choosing on healthy fats can help you keep fuller for a longer period of time.
Healthy fats like nuts,avocados etc can be added in your meal plan and can help you keep satisfied for a longer period of time.

Don’t go with the diet mentality

Fad diets usually won’t help in preventing Overeating in the long run. Short term diet plans are usually easy to follow and can be an effective way to go.
Find yourself a sustainable way of eating that gives you the required energy alongside cutting down the not so required for extra calories that you were consuming.

Replace sugary beverages

Sugary beverages are one of the most unhealthy choices one can have. Cutting down on it not only helps you lose weight but also it helps in preventing the risk of certain chronic conditions like Diabetes.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol causes hunger leading you to eat more.
Having in limited quantities often has no harmful side effects. But consuming in larger quantities increases appetite.

Consume protiens

Protiens helps you in keeping full for a long duration of time. Thus reducing your body desire for more food.
Eating protiens during the breakfast for eg eggs has also shown to reduce the amount of ghlerin a harmone that stimulates hunger.

Giving up on the habit of Overeating can be tough at first. But thus tips can be the stepping stones to achieve your goal in a longer run.
Stick to some ground rules when it comes to your diet and you are good to go. Develop a health meal plan and make sure you consult the experts in the field if you need assistance.

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